There are two different situations in which New 2 U would be honored to accept your retail donations of merchandise. 

Situation 1: This is by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment either by talking to us in the store, contacting us by phone, contacting us by email, or reaching out to us through the Contact Us tab on the website. After setting your appointment, you will bring your gently used items to New 2 U during your allotted time. We want to be able to take the time to thank you for your donation!

Situation 2: New 2 U understands that sometimes there are more sensitive situations. Sometimes you, or a loved one needs to walk away from a household full of items. In the past, we have been asked if we would be willing to come into a house that is no longer being occupied and clean it out of all furniture and household items. Our answer is YES! Whether you are a landlord left to deal with an apartment full of household items after tenants have backed out, or if you have recently moved parents into assisted living and are now looking to empty their home, New 2 U has you covered. Please schedule an appointment and let us relieve some of that stress for you!


Unfortunately, New 2 U doesn't offer a dropbox or a place to dump unwanted items. Because we get monthly shipments of new merchandise, we don't always have the room to take on new retail items. We appreciate you thinking of us, and we look forward to setting an appointment with you and discussing what we can take!