The owner of New 2 U, Barb, has always felt drawn to the small, family-owned businesses and specialty stores. She loves to see what passion, hard work, and dedication can do to a business owned and operated by family members. She loves the closeness this brings and will go out of her way to support these small businesses.  


Two years ago, Barb started New 2 U in another location. Despite the problematic spot she was in, her business thrived and quickly grew out of its small space. Reopening, she was determined to get a prime location so that she could cater to ALL customers. Her favorite thing about owning her own business is the ability to connect with her customers on a personal level. She loves people and loves that she is able to take her time with customers, making sure they get what they came in for. 

Barb and her daughter-in-law, Angie, who will be the manager, will be running the merchandise store. They both have a special gift of finding those unique items that set their showroom apart from other stores. Barb is a firm believer in "Someone's junk, is someone else's treasure," and she has a love for antique store. Barb's son will be running the furniture store in Suite 213 (in the same complex, a few doors down from the merchandise location). Along with antiques and furniture pieces that will stop you in your tracks, New 2 U will also offer new retail merchandise from your favorite store. Barb wants to ensure there is something for everyone in her store.  

Whether you are shopping for a unique piece of furniture or new household items, New 2 U has it. Barb and Angie are eager to meet you and are ALWAYS ready to help!